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An excellent textbook and resource for the challenges facing water managers in the future


Integrated and Adaptive Water Resources Planning, Management and Governance

$95 (US) Cat No: IAW

Jan Adamowski, McGill University, Director of the Integrated Water Resources Management Program
Cory Zyla,University of British Columbia, Environmental Scientist and Project Manager
Eduardo Ganem Cuenca,McGill University, Project Manager
Wietske Medema, McGill University, Post-doctoral Fellow Researcher
Murray Clamen, McGill University, Adjunct Professor
Paul Reig, Associate, Markets and Enterprise Division, World Resources Institute, D.C., USA.

FORMAT: Hardcover, 224 pages
SPECS: Full color images, charts, graphics
ISBN -13:

OVERVIEW: This book provides a broad overview of the most important and emerging concepts, frameworks, methods and tools in the areas of:
<> integrated water resources management (IWRM) and
<> adaptive management (AM), including: principles of IWRM;
<> water resources planning; developing an integrated watershed management plan;
<> adaptive management
<> adaptive capacity and adaptive governance;
<> social learning through collaboration;
<> water governance, law and policy;
<> water risk and opportunities for businesses;
<> and a discussion of some of the main challenges water managers will face in the future.

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