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Title: Urban Stormwater Hydraulics and HydrologyProceedings of the Second International Conference on Urban Storm Drainage, Held at Urbana, Illinois, USA
Editor: Ben Chie Yen
Specifications: Hardcover, 556 pp

ISBN - 13: 978-1-887201-72-8
ISBN - 10: 1-887201-72-6

Price: US $75
Cat No: USHH

(Previously Published:
ISBN-13: 978-0-918334-47-3
ISBN-10: 0-918334-47-0)

This book is considered a classic in addressing concerns of urban flood mitigation.



Urban Stormwater Hydraulics and Hydrology evolved from the concern of urban flood mitigation, primarily as a water quantity consideration in relationship to stormwater quality and quantity management. Some of the different topics discussed in this book are: precipitation for urban runoff; overland surface runoff; special urban hydraulic components including rainfall relationships; urban catchment; distributed rainfall; overland flow modelling; inlet hydrographs; urban storm runoff; routing catchment characteristics; steady and unsteady flow; stormwater routing in lake-canal systems; sewer flow routing; design models; rainfall-runoff simulations models and methods, and their verifications; applications of simulation models; storm runoff data collection and analysis. Urban Stormwater Hydraulics and Hydrology is now part of WRPs Classic Resource Editions.

From the Table of Contents:

<>>Short Duration Rainfall Relationships - David M. Hershfield and Edwin T. Engman
<>>Selected Results from Studies of Illinois Dense Raingage Network Data - J. L. Vogel and S. A. Changnon, Jr.
<>>A Model for Areal Rainfall Frequencies - Vance A. Myers
<>>Variation of Rainfall Over an Urban Catchment - P. J. Colyer
<>>Short Term Forecasting of Spatially Distributed Rainfall in Urban Areas - Wolfgang Schilling and Robert Okroy

<>>Two-Dimensional Kinematic Overland Flow Modelling - Constantinos A. Constantinides and David Stephenson
<>>Design Aid for Computation of Inlet Hydrographs - I. Muzik
<>>Generalized Manning Formula for Urban Storm Runoff Routing - Cheng-lung Chen
<>>Overland Flow and Catchment Characteristics - Christopher J. Pratt and Robert J. Henderson

<>>Accurate Pipe Junction Model for Steady and Unsteady Flow - Ian B. Joliffe
<>>Bicycle-Safe Grate Inlets - Fred F. M. Chang, D. C. Woo and Robert D. Thomas
<>>Performance of a High-Side-Weir Storm-Sewage Chamber Incorporating Storage - Adrian J. Saul and E. Andrew Delo
<>>Methods for Stormwater Routing in Lake-Canal Systems - Chin I. Kuo

<>>Sewer Network Models DAGVL-A and DAGVL-DIFF - Anders Sjöberg
<>>System 11 Sewer - A Storm Sewer Model - N. E. Hoiff-Clausen, Karsten Havnø and Asger Kej
<>>Numerical Modelling of Urban Drainage Networks - Ian B. Joliffe
<>>Dynamic vs. Kinematic Routing in Modeling Urban Storm Drainage - Dale E. Book, John W. Labadie and Dennis M. Morrow
<>>Improved Dynamic Flow Routing Model for Storm Drainage Systems - Larry A. Roesner and Robert P. Shubinski
<>>Analysis of Storm Sewers Under Surcharge - C. Martin and D. King
<>>A Simulation Model for Storm Sewers - Roland K. Price
<>>Kinematic-Wave Modeling of Storm Sewers with Surcharge - Nicholas Pansio and Ben Chie Yen
<>>Stormwater Runoff with Surcharge in Matsuyama City - Eiji Toyokuni and Masahiro Watanabe

<>>Wallingford Storm Sewer Design and Analysis Package - Roland K. Price
<>>METU Design Model for Urban Storm Drainage Systems - A. Osman Akan, M. Dogan Pekçagliyan and A. Suha Sevük
<>>Development and Application of a Dynamic Urban Highway Drainage Model - Rayond K. Dever, Jr., Larry A. Roesner, and Dan-Cheng Woo


Table of Contents Cont:

<>>Italian Method for Design of Storm Sewers - Giorgio R. Asproni, Costantino A. Fassò, and Giorgio Putzu

<>>The USEPA Storm Water Management Model, SWMM: A Ten Year Perspective - Wayne C. Ruber and James P. Heaney
<>>Application of Standard Unit Hydrograph in Storm Sewer Design - Richard W. Harms
<>>Equivalent Synethetic Unit Hydrographs - Keith K. Williams
<>>Estimation of Wastewater Flow Components - Risto Heikki Laukkanen
<>>Laguerre Series for Linear and Nonlinear Modeling of Rainfall-Runoff Relation - P. van der Kloet and F.H.M. van de Ven
<>>Stormwater Simulation Using Wallingford "Sewered Subcatchment" Model . - John C. Packman, Gwyneth A. Cole and Mark Robinson
<>>Estimation of Urban Flood Hydrographs - C. S. James
<>>Efficient Analysis of Storm Drain Networks - Antonis V. Koussis
<>>Application of Urban Simulation Models to a Small and Steep Hawaiian Watershed - Yu-Si Fok and Andrew Lo
<>>Comparison of Storm Sewer Design and Simulation
<>>Methods in the United Kingdom - A. R. Eadon
<>>Some Measures for Evaluation and Comparison of Simulation Models - Ben Chie Yen

<>>Analysis of Heavily Infiltrated Sewer Systems - Alan T. K. Fok, W. R. Wolfe and Alan R. Perks
<>>Real Rainfall Time Series for Storm Sewer Design - Torben Larsen
<>>Alternative Application of Rainfall Statistics to Sewer System Design - Poul Harremoes and Mette Eriksen
<>>Sensitivity and Reliability of Design Storm Frequency - Michael L. Voorhees and Harry G. Wenzel, Jr.
<>>Optimal Parameter Estimation in Urban Runoff Models - A. Ramachandra Rao and J. Han
<>>Runoff from Infrequent but Intense Rainfall in Arid Western Saudi Arabia - Charles M. Cullen and Eric Jenkinson

<>>Dependence of Runoff Coefficient on Area Type and Hydrological Factors - Matti Melanen and Risto Laukkanen
<>>Data and Fitting Problems in Urban Storm Drainage Modeling - Michel Desbordes
<>>Urban Hydrologic Observation Network of Norway - Rolf Skretteberg

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