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One of the best sources
for studying the hydraulics of
dams and reservoirs

Title: Hydraulics of Dams and Reservoirs
Author: Fuat Sentürk
Specifications: Hard Cover, 814 pp

ISBN 13: 978-0-918334-80-0
ISBN 10: 0-918334-80-2

Price: US $110
Cat No: HOD

Supplemental Material:
Hydraulics of Dams and Reservoirs SOLUTION MANUAL --> $60

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This book and the Problem Solution Manual will be invaluable to students, professionals, and specialists as practical reference guides to different hydraulic processes.

The book follows water: from its entry to the reservoir, in the reservoir, in the approach channel, on the control structure, in the discharge channel and in the downstream river up to a control section. To help understand the different concepts, problems are included in the text, with additional problems and solutions given in the Problem Solution Manual.

Chapters 1-5 describe spillways that are most often used in engineering practice. Chapter 1 discusses the historical background of dam construction worldwide. Chapter 2 introduces the basics of dam spillways such as spillway design; components; layout; type, and classification. Chapter 3 and 4 analyze the hydraulics of free-flow spillways and gated spillways, respectively; and Chapter 5 discusses the hydraulics of special types of spillways, broad-crested weir spillways, side and lateral spillways, shaft spillways, siphon and compound spillways. Downstream channel hydraulics is discussed in Chapter 6. The forces involved in stability analysis such as static and dynamic loads on spillways are brought up in Chapter 7.

Chapter 8 addresses the hydraulics phenomena in reservoirs such as waves, density currents, sedimentation, etc. Chapter 9 deals with the hydraulics of the bodies of dams. The osculation devices used for measurement purposes and interpretation of measurements are also presented in this chapter, together with hydraulic computations. Chapter 10 discusses feasible solutions associated with the detail design of upstream and downstream cofferdams and diversion tunnels. Different problems concerned with outlet works and their solutions are outlined in Chapter 11. Chapter 12 addresses different effects on the degradation, aggradation and local sour in downstream channels at dams.

Chapter 13 will help design and model engineers work together. Many of the problems which were solved on scale models are today submitted to computer analysis. The resuls attained rapidly and efficiently. Attention to this feature is given in Chapter 13 and in the Problem Solution Manual. ISBN # 0-918334-80-2. Publ. 1994 WRP.


Chapt. 1: Historical Background of Dam ConstructionIntroduction
Hydraulic Structures of Anatolian Peninsula before the Ottoman Empire
Dams Constructed During the Ottoman Empire
Recent Techniques Used for Construction of Dams

Chapt. 2: Introductory Concepts on Dam SpillwaysIntroduction
Selection of Spillway Layout, Spillway Type and Classification of Spillways
Spillway Components
Basic Concepts in the Choice of Design Flood and the Operation of Reservoirs
Selection of Spillway Type
Basic Data Used for Spillway Design
Risk Analysis in Spillway Design

Chapt. 3: Hydraulics of Free Flow SpillwaysIntroduction
Hydraulics of Approach Channel
Hydraulics of Free Flow Spillways

Chapt. 4: Hydraulics of Gated Spillways
Hydraulic Properties of Gated Spillways
Aeration Phenomena in Spillway Flow

Chapt. 5: Hydraulics of Special Types of Spillways
Hydraulics of Broad-crested Weir Spillways
Hydraulics of Side Spillways
Hydraulics of Shaft Spillway
Hydraulics of Siphon Spillways

Chapt. 6: Hydraulics of the Downstream Channel
Hydraulic Problems Downstream of Spillways
Return of Flow to the Main Water Course with Energy Dissipation
Stilling Basins

Chapt. 7: Static and Dynamic Loads on Spillway
Static Loads
Dynamic Loads on Spillways

Chapt. 8: Hydraulics of Reservoirs
Wind, Tides and Waves in Reservoirs
Beach Erosion
Reservoir Deposits - Reservoir Silting
Density Currents
Additional Load from Mud Lakes Immediately Upstream of Dams

Chapt. 9: Hydraulics of Bodies of Dams
Computation of Freeboard
Determination of Crest Width
Slope Protection
Leakage Through Dam Body
Measuring Devices for Observation of Dam Performance

Chapt. 10: Hydraulics of Diversion StructuresIntroduction
Determination of the Design Discharge
Determination of the Number of Diversion Tunnels
Optimization Analysis of Diversion StructureÕs Dimensions
Hydraulics of Diversion Structures
Design of Diversion Structures

Chapt. 11: Hydraulics of Outlet Works
Hydraulics of Outlet Works, Local Head Losses
Flow Equation and Basic Computational Approaches

Chapt. 12: Degradation, Aggradation and Local Scour in Downstream Channels at Dams
Degradation Phenomena
Local Scour
Degradation of Stream Beds
The Armoring of River Beds

Chapt. 13: Model Techniques Used for Solving Special Flow Problems
Model Studies of Spillways
Model Studies of Closed Conduits
Model Study of Leakage
Model Studies of Hydraulic Structures

Appendix A -- Appendix B -- Appendix C
References -- Author Index -- Subject Index.

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