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Title: Hydraulic Modeling
Author: Vijay P. Singh, Il Won Seo, and Jung H. Sonu
Specifications: Hard Cover, 284 pp, ISBN 1-887201-22-X
Price: US $58

One of 4 volumes from the Proceedings of the International Conference on Water, Environment, Ecology, Socio-economics and Health Engineering WEESHE


The papers contained in this book
represent one part of the conference contributions. The other parts are embodied in three separate companion books entitled, Hydrologic Modeling, Environmental Modeling, and Water Resources Planning and Management, which are being published simultaneously. Arrangement of the contributions in these books under four different titles was a natural consequence of the diversity of topics presented in the papers. These books can be treated almost independently, although considerable interconnectedness exists amongst them.

This book contains four sections encompassing major aspects of environmental hydraulic modeling. Beginning a discussion of turbulent flow in the first section, the papers go on to discuss channel flow modeling in Section 2, scour and sedimentation in Section 3, and pollutant transport in Section 4.

The book will be of interest to researchers as well as to those engaged in practice of agricultural engineering, civil engineering, environmental engineering, ecological engineering, earth sciences, forest resources, hydrology, and water resources. Graduate students as well as those wishing to conduct research in hydraulics, hydrology, environment and water resources will find this book to be of value. ISBN 1-887201-22-X. Publ. 1999 WRP.

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