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Title: Groundwaters of New Zealand
Edited by: Michael R. Rosen and Paul A. White for the New Zealand Hydrological Society
Specifications: Hard Cover, 512 pp

ISBN 13: 978-0-473-07816-4
ISBN 10: 0-473-07816-3

Price: US $85
Cat No: GNZ

•• “state-of-the-art” groundwater research
•• Over 1000 references
•• Regional summaries for all of New Zealand


Groundwaters of New Zealand is the definitive new source for information on the groundwater resources of New Zealand. Written by many of New Zealand’s leading experts, the book covers varied aspects of groundwater research, assessment, use, and management in New Zealand.

This book is divided into two parts. The first part documents the history of groundwater development in New Zealand, and current research on interactions between groundwater systems and other components of the hydrological cycle such as health, processes (recharge and groundwater-surface water interaction) and techniques (isotopic methods). The second part of the book provides up-to-date regional summaries of groundwater resources and quality in every region of the country. Groundwater quality is explored in chapters on groundwater chemistry and microbiology, and the health aspects of groundwater. The book also contains detailed regional summaries, covering the location, use, quality, and management of groundwater resources, for the entire country.

This book will be the essential reference text for all environmental, engineering, and resource management professionals working with groundwater, and students of the many scientific and engineering disciplines that contribute to groundwater investigations. Many groundwater users, both practicing and in school will find this book a valuable reference that adds significantly to their understanding of groundwater resources.


Preface •• 1. Introduction - P.A. White and M.R. Rosen.

2. A history of groundwater development in New Zealand -- J.H. Weeber, L.J. Brown, P.A. White, W.J. Russell and H.R. Thorpe.
3. Groundwater resources in New Zealand -- P.A. White.
4. Hydrochemistry of New Zealand’s aquifers - M.R. Rosen.
5. Rainfall and irrigation recharge to groundwater -- H.R. Thorpe.
6. Groundwater-surface water interaction -- P.A. White, B. Clausen, B. Hunt, S. Cameron and J. Weir.
7. Age and source of groundwater from isotope tracers -- M. Stewart and U. Morgenstern.
8. Fate and transport of nitrates and pesticides in New Zealand’s aquifers -- M.E. Close, M.R. Rosen and V.R. Smith.
9. Microbial contamination of New Zealand’s aquifers -- L.W. Sinton.
10. Groundwater and health -- H. Davies.
11. Groundwater management in New Zealand -- A.D. Fenemor and C.A. Robb.

12. Northland -- S. Camerson, S. Osbaldiston, G. Skuse and C. Revfem.
13. Auckland -- G. Crowcroft and A. Smaill.
14. Waikato -- J. Hadfield.
15. Bay of Plenty -- D. Gordon.
16. Gisborne -- D. Gordon.
17. Hawke’s Bay -- L.D. Luba.
18. Taranaki -- G. Stevens.
19. Manawatu-Wanganui -- G. Bekesi.
20. Wellington --M. Morgan and B. Hughes.
21. Tasman -- J. Thomas.
22. Marlborough --P. Davidson.
23. Canterbury -- L.J. Brown.
24. West Coast -- T. James.
25. Otago -- T. Heller.
26. Southland -- B. Hughes.


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