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Title: Concepts of Watershed Hydrology: An Auto-tutorial Nutshell Course
Author: Peter Black, PHD
Specifications: Soft Cover Manual, 30 pp, ISBN 1-887201-36-X, plus audiovisual on CD-ROM
Price: US $35
Cat No: CWH

This animated and audio Short Course is an excellent learning or review tool for all professionals involved in watershed management, a must for libraries geared toward engineering and environmental technology.

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Concepts of Watershed Hydrology is a fully auto-tutorial, animated and narrated audiovisual short course on CD, with workbook. It is prepared for the lay public, regulators, public officials, and for practicing professionals who wish to review basic hydrological fundamentals as they pertain to the watershed and its management. The course is especially geared to help you participate effectively in land management decisions, focusing on those that affect runoff water quality.

The animated-audio presentation is in PowerPoint(r). This is an ecological approach to water and related land resources that defines all terms as they are needed. The compact disk contains one hundred forty four slides in twelve modules, and is designed to be useful from high school earth science classes to students in hydrology courses, practicing professionals who might need some updating or ecological refresher, and the lay public interested in the relationships between civilization and runoff water quality. The guidebook includes reproductions of principal animated and text slides, twenty four thought-provoking multiple choice questions, a course and learning assessment form, and a list of pertinent references. The CD is best viewed in PowerPoint XP(r) (2002), but will work in PowerPoint 2000(r) and even on a computer without that software at all.

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