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**Reprinted by Popular Demand**

Title: Channel Flow Resistance: Centennial of Manning's Formula
Editor: Ben Chie Yen
Specifications: Hardbound, 460 pp

ISBN -13: 978-1-887201-80-3
ISBN - 10: 1-887201-80-7

Price: US $75
Cat No: CFR

(Previously Published:
ISBN-13: 978-0-918334-72-5
ISBN-10: 0-918334-72-1)



This publication has been reprinted due to popular demand. It focuses on open channel resistance from the perspective of Manning's formula. The twenty-one papers in this book deal with the fundamental aspects and historical background of flow resistance, steep and gravel channels, and composite and compound channels.

From the Table of Contents:

- Forward
- Hydraulic Resistance in Open Channels
- The Manning Formula in Context
- Nonlinear Resistance Relationships for Alluvial Channels
- Estimation of n in Alluvial Streams
- Power of Flow Resistance in Open Channels: Manning's Formula Revisited
- An Analytical Method for Computation of Rough Boundary Resistance
- A Dimensionless Manning Type Equation
- Replacing Hydraulic Radius in Manning's Formula in Open Channels
- Hydraulics of Mountain Rivers
- Manning's Roughness Coefficient of Mountainous Streams in Taiwan
- Froude Number in Evaluation of Resistance Coefficient in Natural Rivers
- Field Evaluation of Manning's n in Gravel Rivers
- Manning's n of Composite Roughness in Channels of Simple Cross Section
- Examination of Stage-Discharge Relationships of Compound/Composite Channels

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