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The following three HYFRAN-Plus Guide documents are now available. Free download, please click on the HYFRAN-Plus GUIDE.
French version of the guide
English version of the guide
Theortical elements of frequency analysis (in French only).

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: English

FAQ: French

HYFRAN+ Troubleshooting Q&A


Title: HYFRAN-PLUS software
Author: Chair in Statistical Hydrology, INRS-ETE, (B. Bobée et al., 2008)
Specifications: Version 2.2, (available in English and French)
Price: US $400 ....... Additional copies US $200


HYFRAN-PLUS (HYdrological FRequency ANalysis PLUS DSS)  is a software used to fit statistical distributions. It includes a number of powerful, flexible, user-friendly mathematical tools that can be used for the statistical analysis of extreme events. It can also, more generally, perform basic analysis of any time series of Independent and Indentically Distributed (IID) data.


Decision Support System (DSS) to help selection of the most appropriate class of distributions, with respect to extreme values.

DESCRIPTION: HYFRAN-PLUS is available in two languages French and English. Although it was initially designed for frequency analysis of extreme events, HYFRAN-PLUS can be used in any study that requires fitting of statistical distribution to an Independent and Identically Distributed data series. Applications are found in various technical areas such as engineering, environment, meteorology, medical sciences, etc.

Function Description
Advanced Functions

Verification of statistical hypotheses:
• Independence of data series
• Homogeneity of data series (series time step, statistical hypotheses, seasonal effect)

Large number of statistical probability distributions 


• Generalized Pareto

• Generalised Extreme Value (GEV: EV2, EV3)

• Gumbel (EV1)

• Weibull (2 parameters)

• Halphen type A (HA), Halphen type B (HB), Halphen type Inverse B (HIB)

• Normal

Lognormal 2 (LN2) and 3 parameters (LN3)
• Gamma (G)
• Generalized Gamma (GG)
• Inverse Gamma (IG)
• Pearson type 3 (P3)
• Log Pearson type 3 (LP3)
• Compound Poisson exponential (lois des fuites)

Mixed distribution

Lognormal and Weibull, modified to take null values into account.

Several fitting methods

Method of Moments

• Probability Weighted moments
• Generalized Method of Moments (WRC, SAM, BOB)
• Method of Maximum Likelihood
• Estimation of quantiles XT of return period T with confidence
intervals at different levels.


-- User-friendly interface (Windows)
-- Object oriented approach
-- Specialized graphic outputs:

Time series
Probability paper plots
Fitting with confidence intervals
Comparison of fitted distributions
(2 to 5)

Decision Support System (DSS)

Log-normality test : Use the (Cv,Cs) diagram and then the Jarque-Bera test if it is recommended (version 2.2); (Martel, B., S. El Adlouni et B. Bobée (2012). Comparison of the power of Log-Normality tests with different right tail alternative distributions. Journal of Hydrologic Engineering, (ASCE), Accepted, January 2012)
Class C (regularly varying distributions): Fréchet (EV2), Halphen type Inverse B (HIB), Log-Pearson type 3 (LP3), Inverse Gamma (IG);
Class D (sub-exponential distributions): Halphen type A (HA), Halphen type B (HB), Gumbel (EV1), Pearson type 3 (P3), Gamma (G);
Class E (Exponential distribution).


Statistical distributions: 20
Validation tests: 5
Comparison of distributions: 2 to 5 distributions
Standards graphic outputs: 5
User Interface: Windows
Environment: Windows
Worksheet compatibility: Excel and Quattro Pro
Support : E-mail, Fax

HYFRAN-PLUS contains a Decision Support System (DSS), [Système d’Aide à la Décision (SAD) in French]. The DSS is developed to help to the selection of the most appropriate class of distributions. Indeed, distributions that are usually used in flood frequency analysis can be grouped in three categories with respect to their tail behaviour (El Adlouni, S. and B. Bobée (2011). Decision Support System for flood risk assessment. Journal of Flood Engineering; 2(1) January–June 2011; pp. 11–26).


You CANNOT download more than one demo version onto the same computer. More than one version will cause the software to malfuction and the password will not work and you will have to purchase another license.

Before downloading, ALL previous demo versions MUST BE UNINSTALLED including deleting all INRS files/folders.

EACH demo version of the software has a UNIQUE product number. The product number of the demo version is needed to get the password in order to activate the UNIQUE demo version. The product number appears on the screen when the demo version is launched.

!!!AGAIN - The product number you send to WRP MUST corresponds to the UNIQUE demo version installed on your computer!!!

Once we send you the password that is associated with the product number you provided WRP, ANY CHANGES such as: downloading another demo version onto the same computer; a computer crash; a new computer, or system updates: You will have to purchase another password for $200.00.

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