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Title: Urban Storm Drainage Criteria Manual, Volume 3, Best Management Practices (updated November 2010)
Author: Urban Drainage and Flood Control District
Specifications: 3-Ring Binder notebook, 584 pp

ISBN -13: 978-1-887201-66-7
ISBN - 10: 1-887201-66-1

Price: US $150.00

This manual is designed to provide guidance for engineers, planners, landscape architects, developers, and Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permit holders in selecting designing, maintaining, and carrying out best management practices (BMPs) to minimize water quality and quantity impacts from stormwater runoff. It focuses on smaller, more frequently occurring events that have the greatest overall impact on the quality of receiving waters.



This manual is organized according to these topics:

Chapter 1: Stormwater Management and Planning. In order to effectively design stormwater quality BMPs, it is important to understand the impacts of urbanization on receiving waters, as well as to understand the federal and state regulatory requirements under the Clean Water Act. Chapter 1 provides basic information on these topics and introduces UDFCD's approach to reducing the impacts of urban runoff through implementation of a holistic Four Step Process.

Chapter 2: BMP Selection. Long-term effectiveness of BMPs depends not only on proper engineering design, but also on selecting the right combination of BMPs for the site conditions. In addition to physical factors, other factors such as life cycle costs and long-term maintenance requirements are also important considerations for BMP selection. This chapter provides information to aid in BMP selection and provides the foundation for the UD-BMP and BMP-REALCOST design aid tools that accompany this manual.

Chapter 3: Calculation the WQCV and Volume Reduction. Chapter 3 provides the computational procedures necessary to calculate the WQCV, forming the basis for design of many treatment BMPs. This chapter also covers the Excess Urban Runoff Volume (EURV) and full spectrum detention, developed to best replicate predevelopment peak flows. Additionally, procedures for quantifying runoff reduction due to the implementation of practices that reduce the effective imperviousness of the site are also provided. These procedures provide incentive to implement MDCIA practices and LID strategies.

Chapter 4: Treatment BMPs. Chapter 4 provides design criteria for a variety of BMPs, generally categorized as conveyance practices and storage practices that provide treatment of the WQCV or EURV. A BMP Fact Sheet is provided for each BMP, providing step-by-step design criteria, design details, an accompanying design worksheet, and selection guidance related to factors such as performance expectations, site conditions and maintenance requirements.

Chapter 5: Source Control BMPs. It is generally more effective to prevent pollutants from coming into contact with precipitation and/or from being transported in urban runoff than it is to remove these pollutants downstream. For this reason, guidance is provided on a variety of source control BMPs, which can be particularly beneficial for municipal operations and at industrial and commercial sites. Source controls and good housekeeping practices are also required under MS4 permits.

Chapter 6: BMP Maintenance. Long-term effectiveness and safety of BMPs is dependent on both routine maintenance and periodic rehabilitation. Maintenance recommendations are provided for each post-construction treatment BMP in this manual.

Chapter 7: Construction BMPs. Many different types of BMPs are available for use during construction. This chapter provides design details and guidance for appropriate use of these temporary BMPs.



1.0 Acknowledgements
2.0 Purpose
3.0 Overvie
4.0 Revisions to USDCM Volume 3
5.0 Acronyms and Abbreviations

Chapter 1 Stormwater Management and Planning
1.0 Introduction
2.0 Urban Stormwater Characteristics
3.0 Stormwater Management Requirements under the Clean Water Act
4.0 Four Step Process to Minimize Adverse Impacts of Urbanization
5.0 Onsite, Subregional and Regional Stormwater Management
6.0 Conclusion
7.0 References

Chapter 2 BMP Selection
1.0 BMP Selection
2.0 BMP Selection Tool
3.0 Life Cycle Cost and BMP Performance Tool
4.0 Conclusion
5.0 References

Chapter 3 Calculating the WQCV and Volume Reduction
1.0 Introduction
2.0 Hydrologic Basis of the WQCV
3.0 Calculation of the WQCV
4.0 Quantifying Volume Reduction
5.0 Examples
6.0 Conclusion
7.0 References

Chapter 4 Treatment BMPs
1.0 Overview
2.0 Treatment BMP Fact Sheets
3.0 References

  Chapter 5 Source Control BMPs
1.0 Introduction
2.0 Structural Source Controls
3.0 Procedural Source Control BMPs
4.0 Combining Source Control BMPs to Target Pollutants of Concern
5.0 References

Chapter 6 BMP Maintenance
1.0 Introduction
2.0 Defining Maintenance Responsibility for Public and Private Facilities
3.0 Developing a Maintenance Plan
4.0 Grass Buffers and Swales
5.0 Bioretention (Rain Garden or Porous Landscape Detention)
6.0 Green Roofs
7.0 Extended Detention Basins (EDBs)
8.0 Sand Filters
9.0 Retention Ponds and Constructed Wetland Ponds
10.0 Constructed Wetland Channels
11.0 Permeable Pavement Systems
12.0 Underground BMPs
13.0 References

Chapter 7 Construction BMPs
1.0 Introduction
2.0 Fundamental Erosion and Sediment Control Principles
3.0 Colorado Construction Stormwater Discharge Permits
4.0 Overview of Construction BMPs
5.0 BMP Selection and Planning
6.0 Construction Dewatering
7.0 Construction in Waterways
8.0 Considerations for Linear Construction Project
9.0 References Glossary Bibliography
TOC-2 Urban Drainage and Flood Control District (November 2010) Urban Storm Drainage Criteria Manual Volume 3

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