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Books By Dr. Geoff Kite ~


by G.W. Kite
US $48, SC, 264 pp, plus Computer Program, Cat. No. FRAH

This book describes some methods currently used to apply frequency analysis techniques to hydrological data in order to provide planners and engineers with figures that they can use in practice to reduce the losses caused by flood and drought. ISBN 0-918334-64-0. Revised Edition 1988 WRP.

by G. W. Kite
US $58, SPB, 148 pp, plus Computer Program, Cat. No. HAC

This book describes some of the techniques that the author has found useful in many different parts of the world. The techniques are practical and have been found to work.
Chapter 2 describes two hydrometric measurement techniques: the salt-dilution method; and an extension of the technique to enable it to be used on larger rivers. The second part of this chapter briefly describes the slope-area method of indirectly estimating a flood peak from the evidence left behind. -- Chapter 3 covers a simple procedure to handle the hydrometric data processing requirements of a regional office or other small data network. -- Chapter 4 discusses some of the techniques of using measured data to estimate events at lower or higher return periods. -- Chapter 5 introduces hydrologic watershed models together with a simple classification scheme. The SLURP (Simple LUmped Reservoir Parametric) model designed for use on a personal computer is described in detail. -- Chapter 6 describes the time series analysis.
Each technique described is accompanied by a computer program on diskette. Programs are provided on one 3.5" diskette. They are written in Basic or Fortran for use under MSDOS or PC-DOS on IBM-compatible microcomputers. ISBN 0-918334-69-1. Publ. 1991 WRP.

edited by G.W. Kite
US $58, HC, 374 pp, Cat. No. TAR

This book is a set of essays by eminent hydrologists. The book discusses such subjects as hydrological data collection and advances in hydrological analyses in developing countries. ISBN 0-918334-97-7. Publ 1995 WRP.

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